Our Digital Marketing Journey

At Dynamic North, we are focused and determined to meet your goals and expectations. It is our mission to use our skills and knowledge to provide local businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of the digital landscape. Above all, our goal is to advance your brand, build your customer base and promote success.

Who We Are

As Business Administration students from Brock University, Lyle & Cameron have a vast understanding of current trends in marketing and what it takes to run a business. Along with degrees in Marketing, experience in sales, design, and digital marketing, and you undoubtedly receive a team that is ready to accelerate your business to the online space.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Dynamic North, you choose an agency built on authenticity and the passion to help businesses succeed. Through our research and hardwork, we provide you with the latest digital marketing techniques to ensure your business remains relevant in today’s evolving digital environment. Dynamic North does not see local businesses as “clients”, instead we look to form a partnership and build a relationship based on the growth and success of your business.

Our Story

Founded by Cameron Law and Lyle Dekker, Dynamic North is a company created by two Brock University students who had the opportunity to develop a company through Brock University’s Co-op program. Throughout Cam’s undergrad at Brock University, he began freelance designing and ultimately developed his passion for design and branding. 



Cameron Law

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