A Brand is not simply a LOGO!

The key to branding is whether or not you can connect with your intended audience, this is done by careful analysis of the problems you are trying to solve and your commitments to these solutions. 

Branding is all about resonance. You MUST resonate with your audience in order to create connections. This is all done by identifying the message, voice, personality, and experience in which your brand speaks.

Here at Dynamic North, we LOVE this journey and these human connections are what we are after!

Branding Blueprint


At Dynamic North, we take branding very seriously all while having fun doing it! We look at all aspects of your company, business goals, values and story to create a brand identity that aligns perfectly with your business! We work with you and your business every step of the way in order to ensure transparency and satisfaction. We dive deep into each element that goes into brand identity. From design to emotion, there is intent behind every aspect of branding that we build! 

You Ready?

Because we are! 

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